Session Timeline: What to Expect

Friday, July 10, 2015

Fairies and Fishin' Sessions are Back!

I was born with a built in playmate, since I have a twin brother. He loved playing with cars, firetrucks and bulldozers. I loved dolls, playing house and coloring. His matchbox cars would be the "mice" friends to my Little People doll house. We'd put on "plays" for our grandparents in the playroom and circus performances outside. (I think we were usually the clowns.)

Make believe was part of our everyday play. Now that I'm grown and a "responsible" adult, I'm enjoying creating make believe portrait sets. One of my favorites is the woodland glade for fairies and fishermen. I hope to create whimsey, wonder and a little fairy dust in these portraits. Each image is hand edited and customized with special touches to enhance the story.

Trying to capture "Cheeriobugs"

Frogs in the pocket.


I have fairy costumes in three sizes.

Unique backgrounds.

"Fairy Kisses"

Fairies and Fishin' Sessions are offered for a limited time. July 22-24, 2015 only. Please email to schedule your child's appointment.