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Monday, September 22, 2014


I just celebrated a significant birthday. You know, one of those that ends in a zero? As you have probably guessed, I'm sort of a prop junkie. My budget is at odds with that obsession, so it was quite a treat when my husband's gift for me was a trip to the home improvement store to find supplies to make some backdrops/flooring squares. I'm a huge DIYer so this was great fun!

We found a sheet of faux brick that kept calling my name. I can see all sort of themes to use this with...firefigher, old kitchen, basic jeans, school, cobblestone street....
During garage sale season, I found a cute little claw foot tub prop. I was hoping to find a great floor to use with it. We bought smooth white paneling (almost like white board material.) To that I cut out vinyl squares and adhered them on. I was pleased at the results.

We also bought bead board to be used as a floor or wall. Since it was a full sheet that we had cut down, I plan to paint the other half once I decide on a fun color...I'm leaning toward yellow.

And last to share but first on the purchase list was a "wood" floor and wall (I have two so I can use them together.) This is made from plywood and stick on vinyl strips of "wood". Super easy and great looking!
By the way, my willing model for this session is "Thymely the Bear." He sits still and never complains :)

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